Look Who’s Teething: 8 Drool-Worthy Teethers You and Your Baby Will Adore

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We’ve collected the most adorable and coolest teethers to make you drool!
In the first year of your baby’s life, you will spend a lot of time trying to get everything in her mouth.

It’s a universal mama truth: You would much rather your child gnaws on these teethers than on, say, the wood chips you found on the playground or that dust bunny that you forgot to remove from the floor or that pacifier that fell out of the diaper bag and that you may or not have cleaned after it fell. Twice.

We’ve collected the most adorable and cool teethers to make you drool!

  1. LexyPexy Gwen
  1. Loulou Lollipop mint donut silicone teether with Holder
  1. Teething Toys for Children – Little Cactus Teething Toy
  2. Hashtag Teether in Little Standout Silicone
  3. Prim Society Color Swatch Baby Teether & crinkle Toy
  1. Winston the Walrus, Bella Tunno, Happy Sidekick Teething Lovey
  2. Glitter & Spice Ice Cream Teether
  3. Bracelet with Olive & Carol Deer Chew by Oli & Carol