Fostering Your 11-Month-Old’s Development: Engaging Activities to Try

Take a moment as you count down to your baby’s 11th birthday to reflect on how much he or she has grown over the last 11 months. It’s been almost a year. It’s almost been a year. Your little one and you have grown so much together.

Your busy baby likes to explore with their hands whatever catches his or her eye. To keep them feeling fresh, rotate a few toys. Too many toys are overwhelming. You can also encourage independent play (under supervision) to give you more downtime, mama.

What else can you expect in the month of September?

Baby milestones for 11-month olds

Sensory activities for children aged 11 months.
You’ll need to be on your feet all the time if you want to keep up with your child. Here are some fun activities to keep your baby busy.

  1. Tunnel Time
    Create a tunnel under your table using blankets, pillows or a large box with the ends cut off.

Encourage your child to snuggle up with some board books or loveys, or try to encourage them to move a ball around.

  1. Playdough for the kitchen
    Playdough is a great way to get your child’s hands dirty. Help them create their own creations by bringing out kitchen tools like a whisk, rolling pin, and cookie cutters.
  2. Bath Sorting
    Bath time can also be a fun activity. Encourage your baby to sort colorful bath toys and cups by color, and to pour water from one to the other.

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Developmental activities for children aged 11 months.

  1. It’s Stackable
    Over the last couple of months, your child has been working hard to learn how to stack objects and blocks. Continue to stack! Keep going!
  2. The Big Dig
    Let your lovebug play in the dirt. Give them a shovel, and show them how to dig dirt or sand in the yard (just a bit at a time, no worries!). The sensory experience will be great and they’ll enjoy the chance to get messy. They’re currently in a copycat phase.
  3. Stuffy Storytime
    As an example of dramatized play, set up some favorite stuffed animals for a storytime with your baby. It’s a good idea to introduce your child to this type of play now, as it will be more common when they are toddlers.

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What to do with a 11-month old?
Week 1: Dance Party
Why not throw a dance party to celebrate your baby’s love of moving and grooving at 11 months? You can help your child find the rhythm and move, spin, or sway together to some fun songs. Don’t be shy to choose your favorites, mama. Watch them try to imitate your movements!

Week 2: Library Storytime
You can find a local baby storytime in your area. Check out your local library or community centre. The classes for caregivers and babies are an excellent way to teach your baby some social skills in the comfort of your arms.

Week 3: Playground Playdate
At this age, your child loves to watch other children, particularly older ones. They might enjoy tossing a ball around or swinging on a baby swing with another toddler or tot.

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Week 4: Balancing Act
Encourage your child to take their first steps by encouraging them to reach for their favorite toy. Hold out the toy in their hand as they lean against furniture or a wall. You may catch them standing for a couple of seconds and balancing!