Fostering Your 7-Month-Old’s Development: Engaging Activities to Try

Playtime used to be a little one-sided. (Maybe you played a bigger role in the past? Playtime is becoming more balanced. You might be amazed at your baby’s growing abilities and how much they enjoy playing.

Babyproofing is a must as your child’s mobility will increase. Also, they may begin to recognize familiar faces or react to emotions. (Is it time for a puppeteer show? Encourage that natural curiosity with some fun and stimulating sensory activities for 7-month olds.

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Sensory activities for seven-month-olds
The world of your little one is getting a lot bigger. Here’s a few ways to keep your little explorer interested. From exploring all that is within reach (and a bit out of reach), to recognising family and friends.

  1. Dramatic story time
    Your baby can now react to emotions. Read them stories in an animated voice, and share stories of relatives and friends they know. Make faces while you speak to show the emotion you are describing.
  2. Focus on family and friends
    Bring out your photo albums and name everyone by pointing to their familiar faces. Faces are a big deal to babies these days. We bet spotting some of their favorites will make them happy.
  3. Playlists that power up
    Music can be a powerful tool to promote vocabulary, language, rhythm, and movement. Make a playlist with songs that you and your child love. Focus on those where you can include hand gestures in time to perform together.

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7-month olds can benefit from developmental activities

  1. Button up
    At this age, your child loves to push the buttons and understands cause and effect. A baby-proof activity cube will keep your little one’s hands off of the laptop keyboard. Sit with your baby as they play to encourage longer sitting times.
  2. Rolling over
    You may notice that your baby is rolling more from one side to the other, such as from left to right or stomach to back rather than back to stomach. Encourage your baby to roll in all directions by placing toys that are just out of reach, on one side. Then swap them over to the opposite side. These large body movements will help you build the strength to walk down the line.
  3. Indoor playground
    You can make a mini-obstacle course for your baby out of cushions. You’re busy teaching your child how to move, but you can also have fun with them by sending balls or cars down the couch cushion ramp or knocking over pillows using their hands and/or feet.

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What to do with your 7-month old
Week 1: Library Visit
You can borrow board books for babies from your local library, as well as fun educational toys. In this stage of development, babies have just begun to grasp the concept that a book is flipped, so pressing buttons and looking through colorful pictures will appeal to all their senses. Stay for storytime to earn bonus points!

Week 2: Day at the Park
Take your baby in a stroller or car seat and take a sensory nature walk at the nearest park. Can you help your child safely explore the steps and platforms on the playground, or just let them watch the older kids play on the slides or swings? Babies love to watch people at 7 months.

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Clap-alongs for Week 3.
Your lovebug may soon be able to clap their hands together too, thanks to that newly acquired skill. You can also listen to the soundtracks of your favorite movies (“Moana”, “Encanto” anyone? You can clap along with the music by listening to your favorite movie soundtracks. You may find that your child will soon follow in your footsteps.

Week 4: Poppin’ bubbles
Bubbles are a favorite of your bubbly and bright-eyed baby. An automatic bubble machine will add a magical touch to your outdoor play time. Bubble games can be more fun now that children’s vision has developed and are more mobile. ).