Taste-Safe Finger Paint Recipe for Little Artists: Let the Fun Begin!

You probably need homemade finger paint in your life. Finger painting is not only a fun sensory activity, but it can also keep your children entertained for hours with its beautiful colors and texture. We all know your child will put their fingers into their mouths no matter how often you warn them.

You’re probably wondering how you can make finger paint for your children that is safe, even if they get curious. It’s easy to DIY finger paint using pantry staples you may already have. This finger paint recipe is as easy as it gets.

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Homemade finger paint for your little artist
This all-natural DIY recipe for finger painting is great for kids of all ages, but especially for the smallest ones. You only need greek yogurt and some colorful fruits or vegetables.

Step 1: Select your fruits and vegetables based on what colors you want to achieve.
You can choose carrots or orange for example.

Step 2: Blend the colors one family of color at a time.
You can also use a juicer if you have one. If you want to create different colors, mix the fruits and vegetables together.

Step 3: Separate the chunky pieces of the juice from the colored juice that you have just made.
Step 4: The ratio of greek yoghurt to juice drops will depend on the vibrant color you desire.
Mix it together and add a few tablespoons. Then decide whether you want to add more, or leave as is.

Optional: You could use cornstarch to create a thicker paint base. You can boil the fruits and vegetables (one group of colors at a time), then add a little cornstarch to water to make it thicker. Add some sugar to give it a sweet taste!

You’ll have a sauce your child can use to paint with (once it has cooled). Or you can dilute it into some yogurt if you want a watery texture.

You can always use all-natural food dyes to make any colors that you cannot produce organically.

Enjoy watching the little fingers squirm in the mess.