Choosing the Right Baby Outfit: Utilize this Temperature Guide to Decide

Just right is often hard for young ones, since their bodies don’t regulate temperature as easily. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, due to their unique physiological makeup children can be especially susceptible to temperature extremes and their health consequences.

As such, there are certain conditions under which it would not be prudent for your baby to spend any extended amounts of time outside. Extreme heat could leave them at risk of dehydration, fatigue and headaches while very low temperatures pose more of a danger for young children than they do for adults.

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Good news? Extreme conditions aside, dressing baby for cold or hot temperatures generally involves knowing how much layering to use so as to remain comfortable for their little bodies.

“Generally speaking,” noted Diana Spalding of CNM, your baby should wear one more layer than you feel comfortable. For instance, if your style includes one long-sleeve shirt plus another shirt/light jacket layer.

How you dress can often seem complex.

Remind yourself to consider other environmental elements when dressing baby outside, like humidity, windchill, or sunlight; dressing her in layers allows for flexibility as new conditions emerge or as needs change! For best results when in doubt, dress in layers you can easily add or shed!

As expectant parents, it can also help to plan ahead to know which clothing items and sizes would work for your newborn depending on whether their birthday falls during winter, spring, summer or autumn. Here are our favorite layers you should add to your registry!