Sustaining Your Newborn’s Routine during the Holiday Season: 6 Helpful Tips

Holiday seasons with newborns can be thrilling experiences, yet also present some challenges when trying to ensure they remain contented and follow their usual schedules.

As you navigate a busy holiday event schedule, your newborn is your top priority and should always come first. Keep things straightforward by being flexible with plans, following baby’s cues, and simply enjoy this special time of year!

As your holiday experience should remain peaceful–no one wants loud nights!–here are a few helpful hints on navigating this hectic season with your newborn.

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  1. Establish clear boundaries and plan ahead
    The holiday season can be hectic and overwhelming; having an actionable game plan to minimize any added pressure. Getting help will also ease any additional anxiety.

Setting time aside with your partner to develop priorities and boundaries that work for each of you is of utmost importance when raising children; ask him or her for support whenever needed as parenting should always be shared responsibility.

Once you’ve discussed what gatherings or social events you wish to attend or whether any are yet appropriate for you, be sure to inform family and friends accordingly. Be clear as well on how many people are comfortable being around at any one time–particularly as we see more illnesses like flu, RSV and strep outbreaks this holiday season than usual. For further advice and consultation please reach out directly to a pediatrician or family physician.

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  1. Stay On Schedule Reducing stress for both baby and caregiver by maintaining consistent daily feeding frequency can make life simpler for all involved. Where possible, let your baby’s sleep and hunger cues determine your routine rather than clock-watching alone for best results – everything may run more efficiently this way!

Maintain an “eat-sleep-play” routine centered around baby’s cues to guide feeding and sleeping times as well as signal to others when play time can take place. Doing this helps everyone know exactly when it is OK for baby to have some playtime with others!

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If the holiday bustle is upsetting your baby’s feedings, seek refuge in a dark room without too many people around – whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding; take time for nurturing skin-to-skin contact during their feeds.

When breastfeeding, it’s wise to be mindful of what you eat and drink during holidays and celebrations. Some components found in beverages and food, like caffeine or alcohol, or allergenic items like dairy and shellfish may make their way through to breast milk and affect baby in ways they might find difficult sleeping or colicky. Fill your plate as much as possible with foods you know can tolerate by your infant – should any concerns arise, speak to either their pediatrician or lactation consultant immediately.

If your baby is experiencing gas, colic and/or difficulty sleeping due to formula feedings, then consider Bubs Goat Milk Infant Formula or Bubs Supreme A2 Beta Casein Protein Infant Formula as they contain A2 casein protein for easier digestion – leading to happier holidays for everyone involved!

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  1. Secure a quiet place for pumping and feeding
    The holidays can be exciting, but overstimulation from noise, lights and being passed around may prove too much for your newborn baby to handle. Find somewhere quiet where she/he can feed or pump without overstimuli from constant noise, lights or being passed from person to person can become too much for your little one to handle.

As family and baby adjust to a new routine, take some time for relaxation during this busy holiday season. Plan ahead so that there is an un-crowded spot to feed and pump before the busy days arrive whether visiting family or staying home with yourself and baby.

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  1. Overpack to Keep Baby Fed When traveling with a newborn, be sure to pack enough bottles, formula or breast milk in your carry-on luggage to sustain their feedings during travel – you should allow for delays – but also adhere to TSA regulations allowing any amount of breast milk (plus frozen packs!) as part of carry-on baggage and frozen packs in carry-on baggage.

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Be wary that TSA agents can be strict with water purchases after going through security. Be prepared to purchase water once through security!

To warm infant formula or breast milk on an airplane flight, ask your flight attendant for half-cup of hot water, place the bottle/pouche in it to defrost or warm (making sure your child remains unharmed), and double check before giving to baby to ensure its temperature does not become too warm for him/her.

If traveling by car, allow enough time for stops for food and refreshments.

As car seats or moving vehicles can present potential choking hazards for newborns, feeding yours when moving can be avoided whenever possible. Take periodic stops every couple of hours for stretching breaks and feeding breaks instead.

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  1. Adjust Baby’s Sleep Schedule Without Too Much Disturbance
    It is best if your newborn can maintain an predictable nap and sleep schedule from birth through to maturity; although some flexibility might be needed during holidays or other life changes. A routine can make life simpler when adjustments need to be made quickly – some parents find their child can even nap through minor disruption if slung, wrapped, or structured carriered while in your arms!

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  1. Cherish this momentous time while welcoming unexpected events
    The holidays may differ this year, but that shouldn’t change how much fun they bring – keep things simple by setting healthy boundaries and taking good care to look out for both you and baby during this magical first holiday season together! These memories will serve you both throughout life!