The Munchkin Sparrow Stroller: How It Won Me Over to Umbrella Strollers

Other moms recommended keeping a stroller in my car for efficiency’s sake, yet no one warned me they weren’t the most user-friendly motherhood tool. Too many times have I nearly broken my expensive travel-system stroller when trying to unfold it and people have likely witnessed me struggling in parking lots trying to remember which way it unfolds and whether I lifted its little latch thing?

Munchkin sent me their Sparrow Stroller, their ultracompact stroller that comes “ready to fly”.

Are You Wondering If the Stroller Unfolds Easily?
Yes! When purchasing my stroller it was completely folded up into an attractive square form in its box; with instructions and an illustration showing its exact fold size displayed there. In minutes my umbrella stroller unfolded without me needing to consult directions at all!

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Does The Stroller Fold Easily? At first, this was something for which I read directions carefully before responding. Long answer short: yes! Requiring two hands, it can fold back up easily into its perfect square form in its box; taking up minimal room in your vehicle as a result! When used as intended (especially with my bebe in tow! ), this stroller won’t take up as much room in your trunk when running errands (unwise when taking on both baby and my husband!). Instead, this stroller will stay put during our family adventures – staying put as part of your trunk while being taken on adventures together (this time around!).

Munchkin Sparrow Stroller Features
I was immediately struck by the handles on the Munchkin Sparrow stroller: they don’t use traditional handlebar handles but two vertical bars to rest your hands upon and adjust as your needs arise – my husband and I are different heights so this stroller allows me to keep it at lower setting while when driving he can raise them up as necessary!

Also, this stroller is extremely lightweight! Both folded and unfolded, it feels light and easy to manage; never cumbersome even with an active baby inside! Furthermore, rare for 5-point (fully adjustable) harness systems to feel this light!

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Munchkin Sparrow strollers provide plenty of light. When switching from umbrella stroller to an umbrella stroller, sun or rain protection becomes unavailable; but this foldable shade flap comes to your rescue if sun or raindrops fall directly onto baby. When not being used as protection it also acts as a comfy headrest!

My favorite aspect: there’s storage under the seat! Unfortunately, few umbrella strollers provide storage space – one reason I struggled to fully switch away from my travel system stroller! Being able to store necessities for adventures means not carrying around an additional diaper bag while out and about!