Ditch Bulky Nursing Covers: Introducing the Essential Breastfeeding Hat for Moms

Breastfeeding a newborn or toddler can be challenging enough, but when nursing in public can add additional challenges that make breastfeeding even harder. From distractions that obstruct little ones’ concentration to flashing everyone within 50 feet radius – nursing covers and blankets may help, but sometimes these solutions don’t cut it if the weather’s hot. Luckily I just discovered one amazing solution called Mobobaby 2-in-1 Nursing Cover & Hat which might make breastfeeding much simpler!

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Its simple yet brilliant design marks it out as one of the world’s first “breastfeeding hats”, serving both mothers and babies simultaneously by covering mama and providing stylish sun protection at once (no surprise it was created and designed by mom!). (Were we surprised it was designed and made by one?) Made of an eco-friendly blend of hemp, lyocell and organic cotton fabric, our eco-friendly cover provides just enough weight even during the hottest summer days without covering you both with extra and unwanted fabric. Fabric that stretches and stays put without needing a chin strap-an aspect that I particularly appreciated (when my babies were small they hated any hat with one; it gave them the perfect opportunity to yank it right off)-is definitely not what one wants from their hats! (With that being said it would serve your little ones much better.

However, its carefully designed brim does the majority of the heavy lifting. Wide enough to cover even larger chested mothers while remaining buttonable for more direct views of baby faces (and vice versa!).

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Perfectly charming and nondescript, it won’t draw too much attention when nursing your little one! That means stealth feeding like an expert is much simpler!

Mobobaby can come in handy even without breastfeed, though. Bottle feeding an easily distracted babe can be challenging enough; whatever way you feed your child, Mobobaby creates an intimate and cozy setting to help focus and relax them for their feeding experience – possibly leading to much-needed nap times for mom.

Mobobaby Nursing Covers come in two sizes (0-6 Months and 6-12 Months) to perfectly complement every outfit and occasion, plus seven vibrant hues that coordinate.